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Burton, Robin Donald (b. 10 Nov 1944, d. 26 Oct 1979)

Given Name: Robin Donald
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Burton, Luke (b. , d. ?)
Given Name: Luke
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Green, Florence Ethel (b. 6 May 1878, d. 16 Jun 1939)
Note: Florence Ethel Green was William Benjamin and Elizabeth's tenth child/third daughter. Born at Toowoomba on 6 May 1878, her upbringing and schooling would have been in that town during the 1880s and at Milton, Brisbane, during the 1890s.

Florence did not marry. The following is a summary of her career in the nursing profession, which was supplied by Reverend Mother Eunice of the Society of the Sacred Advent, Albion Qld on 2 March 1995. Florence was known as Sister Faith.

"Sister Faith trained at the Brisbane General Hospital and worked there for several years prior to being received as a novice by the Society of the Sacred Advent in 1919. She then nursed at Pyrmont, before being professed in 1921. Sr Faith
moved with Pyrmont to Wickham Terrace while Saint Martin's Hospital was being built, thus becoming the first of the SSA to nurse at the new hospital after it opened in 1922.

"Sr Faith was appointed Matron, a position she held from 1926 - 1939. Her obituary in the Advent in 1939 suggested that the arduous task of being a Matron was for her exaggerated by ill health. Yet in spite of this, and orders to rest regularly
because of a heart condition, she had the reputation of being an excellent nurse, inspiring confidence while retaining a serenity which affected the atmosphere of the hospital. This was coupled with a most vivacious sense of humour. The notes
produced by the unofficial scribe of the Community, Sr Una Mary, allow a glimpse of Sr Faith's personality. She was passionately fond of birds, which meant that a conversation with her was necessarily suspended in time while she momentarily
admired her feathered friends. She had an equal loathing for frogs, and an incident which she probably related herself, reflects her sense of humour. During a visit to her brother in the country, Sr Faith was attending to her ablutions when she
noticed a frog peering at her from a crack in the wall. The story has it that Sister changed her bathing procedure considerably during the remainder of her visit.

"It was claimed that Sr Faith, with her staff of three members of the SSA and thirty-three nurses, ran an institution in which the care of each individual patient was near perfection. Sr Faith's sensitive, attractive nature drew people to her;
and the SSA regarded her life, which enriched the Religious Community for 25 years, as an example for girls to enter the Society as novices in the service of God. That this feeling extended beyond the Community of the SSA was reflected in an
article written by Archbishop Wand on her death.

"He took this opportunity to write generally of the association of 'the Christian Church to the physical welfare of mankind'. Although the aid of the State was necessary in the care of the sick, Archbishop Wand suggested that there was always
room for voluntary work by the Church. In writing of Sr Faith's work, as a member of a Religious Order, he referred to the recognition of medical science for the 'right psychological environment for the patient'. In his opinion 'there were none
more fitted to secure this environment than members of Religious Orders'.

"Professed as a Sister 21 May 1921 ; Died 16 June 1939.

"Sr Faith's sister, Mrs Hely, was housekeeper at St Martin's during Sr Faith's time as Matron."

The Mrs Hely referred to as housekeeper was Ellen [Nell] Frances Green who married Frederick Strickland Hely. While Florence was training at Brisbane General Hospital, Ada Florence Besly was also training there and they were 'the best of
friends'. Ada subsequently married Florence's brother James Warwick Green. Their daughter, Esther Elizabeth Florence Green, commenced her nursing training at St Martin's hospital while Florence was Matron.

Florence was known to the Green family as Aunty Boll.
Given Name: Florence Ethel
Occupation: Hospital Matron.
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Green, Adeline Sarah (Addie) (b. 30 Jun 1880, d. 8 Mar 1962)
Note: Elizabeth Green had reached 40 years of age when her 11th child, Adeline Sarah [Addie] Green was born at Nanango Qld on 30th June 1880. William Benjamin was 43 and was working in clerical positions there. The family of 10 children [John had
died at infancy] ranged from 18 years down to the newborn. Perhaps the eldest son, William James, could have gone west at about that time to make his own way in life; second son Ernest was 17 and about to leave home to commence work at Boonara
Station; third son Charles was 15 and the remainder ran down in age from there.

As there is evidence that the family lived at Toowoomba during the 1880s and at Milton, Brisbane during the 1890s, Adeline's upbringing and schooling would have been at those two centres. In 1914 she was living at 'Strathfield', Toowong, when
she married at St. Thomas's church in that suburb [the fourth member of the Green family to marry there].

The event took place on 6 November 1914 and the church register reads that Adeline Sarah Green, Spinster, born at Nanango, occupation Typist, age 34, residing at 'Strathfield', Toowong, parents William Benjamin Green, Squatter, and Elizabeth
Alford married Felix Bernard Theodor Koch, Batchelor, born at Bundaberg, occupation Lieutenant 9th Infantry, age 35, residing at Enoggera Camp, parents Felix Theodore Bernard Wilhelm Koch, Bank Manager, and Florence Boreham. The
register was signed by the bride and groom; witnesses were Ralph Brenan and a Hely [initials illegible]; Officiating Minister was Walter B.Scott.

Children born to Adeline and Felix were -

Patricia Alford Ashmead Koch, born 19 March 1917 at Brisbane. She married Alan Harold Bennett Chancellor on 11 April 1947 at Sydney and they had children Susan Alford 16 April 1948 at Hobart, John Alan 18 June 1949 at Sydney and Murray Harold
9 March 1953 at Sydney.

Alan Chancellor died at Sydney on 7 July 1993.

Barbara Alford Koch, born 17 February 1919 at Brisbane. She married Leslie Charles Simpson at Toowong on 22 April 1944 and their children were Robyn 10 June 1946, Peter Charles 11 July 1947, David Perc 20 February 1949, Christopher John 15 May
1951 and Mark Russell 25 January 1953, all born at Brisbane.

Leslie Simpson died at Caloundra on 26 September 1981.

Adeline Sarah Koch died at Dalby in March 1962. Felix Koch died at Brisbane on 20 March 1924.
Given Name: Adeline Sarah (Addie)
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Koch, Felix Bernard Theodore (b. 10 Sep 1879, d. 20 Mar 1924)
Given Name: Felix Bernard Theodore
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Koch, Barbara Alford (b. 17 Feb 1919, d. 31 Mar 2012)
Note: Newspaper announcement, engagement and wedding-

The engagement is announced of Barbara Alford, younger daughter of the late Lieut F.B.T. and Mrs Adeline S.Koch, 29 Ascog Terrace, Toowong, to Lieut L.C.Simpson [AIF Returned], second son of Mr and Mrs M.P.Simpson, Caloundra. The marriage will
take place at St Thomas C of E, Toowong, on 22 April 1944.

[At the wedding the bride was attended by Mrs J.J.Murphy and Miss J.Shaw; the groom was attended by Staff-Sergeant J.Simpson and Lieut Bruce Bowen.]
Given Name: Barbara Alford
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Chancellor, Alan Harold Bennet (b. 27 Feb 1922, d. 7 Jul 1993)
Given Name: Alan Harold Bennet
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Scott, Charles James (b. , d. ?)
Given Name: Charles James
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Simpson, Leslie Charles (b. 13 Mar 1915, d. 26 Sep 1981)
Given Name: Leslie Charles
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Wilson, James (b. , d. ?)
Given Name: James
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Green, John Paul (b. 29 Jan 1934, d. 29 Jan 1934)
Given Name: John Paul
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Alford, Mary (b. 7 May 1842, d. 1875)
Note: Mary's birthplace Clifford was near Paterson NSW. The family consisting of Thomas, his wife Elizabeth and daughters Elizabeth and Mary moved to Moreton Bay in July/August 1842 when Mary was about 2 months of age. She was christened by Reverend
Handt in the penal colony chapel at Moreton Bay.

After a brief stay the family moved on to the Darling Downs and the children are recognised as the first white children to settle in that new territory.

Living first at The Springs [Drayton] then The Swamp [Toowoomba] the family moved to Brisbane, then to Pikedale Station near Warwick then back to Toowoomba where Mary married Reverend Vincent Ransone on 25 June 1861. She and her husband sailed
for England in 1864 where she died at Chetnole in 1875.

Children to this marriage were 6 sons and 1 daughter.
Given Name: Mary
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Alford Jnr, Thomas (b. 11 Oct 1844, d. 25 Dec 1928)
Note: A chronology has been written about Thomas Alford Junior, which is in the Family Tree papers.
Given Name: Thomas
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Alford, Frances (Fanny) (b. 8 Aug 1846, d. 18 Mar 1886)
Note: When Thomas Alford moved on to Pikedale Station on 17 March 1858 to manage the many shepherds who attended the sheep on that property, he was accompanied only by his wife Elizabeth, a son Thomas and a daughter Mary. Son Charles arrived on 6
July and daughter Frances [Fanny] arrived on 14 October 1858. She was 12 years of age.
Given Name: Frances (Fanny)
Change: Date: 25 Apr 2011

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Alford, Charles George (b. 23 May 1848, d. 1926)
Note: When Thomas Alford moved on to Pikedale Station on 17 March 1858 to manage the many shepherds who attended the sheep on that property, it appears he was accompanied by only his wife Elizabeth, a son Thomas aged 13 years and a daughter Mary aged
15 years.

Son Charles George aged 10 years joined them on 6 July 1858. Thomas Alford's Pikedale Diary reads - "Tuesday 6 July 1858, very wet, had breakfast, got the horses and rode to meet the dray from Drayton with Charley, met them one mile this side
of Talgai, put Charley on Jimmy the pony and we rode into Warwick, 25 miles, poor Charley quite knocked up......".

Notes in the Diary show that "Charley" became immediately active in helping his father.
Given Name: Charles George
Change: Date: 25 Apr 2011

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Alford, Henry King (b. 22 Jul 1852, d. 19 Aug 1930)
Note: In 1852 Thomas and Elizabeth Alford and children Elizabeth, Mary, Thomas, Frances and Charles moved from the established township of Drayton to a nearby district known as Drayton Swamp or The Swamp where the only building standing was a bush
hut used by timber cutter Joe Dent. There Thomas built a home and established a stopover point for drays travelling between Ipswich and Drayton. Elizabeth named her home "Toowoomba" and it was there that Henry King Alford was born on 22 July
1852 and baptised by Rev Benjamin Glennie on 29 August of that year.

Toowoomba appears on Henry King Alford's birth certificate as his Place of Birth. This was the first official recognition of the name of the Alfords' hut as the name of the location.

Henry King Alford served as an alderman on Toowoomba Council in 1909 and 1910 and was Mayor in 1911 and 1912. In recognition of his services a room at Toowoomba Town Hall still bears the name Henry Alford Room.

When Elizabeth Alford died in 1905, H.K.Alford's address was recorded as Strath-Elbess, Dalveen Qld.
Given Name: Henry King
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Alford, Richard Symes (b. 16 Oct 1854, d. 20 Jun 1920)
Note: In 1908, when 54 years of age and living at "Hardeen", Yeronga, Brisbane Qld, Richard Alford wrote "Memoirs of Years Gone By". In his reminiscences he wrote about his parents' early settlement on the Darling Downs in 1842 and described some of
the growth of the town of Toowoomba during the second half of the 1800s, naming many of the people involved. His writings then covered 40 years of his lifetime, which is fascinating reading. Copies of those Memoirs are held in the Oxley Library
in Brisbane and elsewhere .

Richard left Toowoomba before he was 14 years of age [1868] and commenced work for his eldest brother Tom who was managing Coochin Coochin Station, south of Ipswich Qld. He joined the Bank of New South Wales in December 1872, transferred to
Toowoomba in August 1873 and resigned in October 1874 to take up management of Gwambegwine Station near Taroom. One year later he moved to management of Taabinga Station near Nanango where he stayed for 8 years. His writings contain an
interesting account of some of his experiences there.

Next was a steamer voyage with his twin brother William from Brisbane to Port Douglas, coach trip to Herbertown and back to the coast, steamer to Cooktown where William commenced management of the QN Bank at Maytown, then back to Townsville.
There Richard boarded a train to Charters Towers where he purchased "two horses and outfit for the roads" and rode through stations to Hughenden. Leaving there in mid may 1883 he rode south to Mount Marlow Station where he took up management
for The Honourable James Taylor, a ride of about 800 kms.

After an eventful 3 years [well described in his Memoirs] Richard left Mount Marlow and drove 250 cattle to the rail head at Bourke, a distance of about 700 kms, which he encompassed in 6 weeks.

A holiday in Melbourne was followed by a return to Toowoomba then on to Taabinga Station from where he drove 7 horses to Mount Marlow Station, a distance of over 1000 kms. At Mount Marlow he selected 500 bullocks and drove them to Bourke [about
700 kms] where half were trucked; he drove the other half to Nyngan [about 200 kms] for trucking to Sydney where half of that lot were trucked on to Melbourne. Richard accompanied those cattle on to Melbourne.

Richard wrote that "after this disagreeable trip I decided to leave droving alone and try my luck at gold mining at Croydon...... I left Brisbane by the slow old steamer 'Victoria' on 7 September 1887, followed the coast to Thursday Island,
thence to the Gulf of Carpentaria, transshipped into a small river boat.....up the Norman River.....then by wagonette to Normanton. Next morning we got inside one of Cobb & Co's coaches bound for Croydon.....reaching our destination....just a
fortnight from Brisbane". After several unprofitable weeks at Croydon Richard returned to Brisbane by the same transport.

Next was a revisit to Croydon in 1888 - by steamer to Normanton, then a ride to Croydon where he stayed for about 2 months, again without reasonable financial benefit. Leaving Croydon with 2 horses he rode to Charters Towers, a distance of
about 600 kms, then train to Townsville, steamer to Rockhampton, a visit to Mount Morgan, then steamer to Brisbane.

A return to Taabinga for a short period followed, when his brother Tom was selling out to Arthur Youngman of Melbourne. Richard also spent some time reporting on Gulnarbar Station, near St George, for the Bank of New South Wales.

At the end of 1888 Richard took over brother Tom's Stock and Station Agency business in Brisbane, which he was still running when he wrote his Memoirs in 1908.

Richard Symes Alford married Rachel Gordon Warner on 2 December 1893. He died at Beaudesert Qld on 20 June 1920. There are writings about Richard Symes Alford, his wife, their three daughters and the Warner family in the book - Thomas Alford 1838 to 1864 - which is in the NSW State Library and elsewhere. A copy of that book is held in the Family and History of the Sellwoods.
Given Name: Richard Symes
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Alford, William Boulton (b. 16 Oct 1854, d. 1924)
Given Name: William Boulton
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Alford, Charles (b. 24 Jan 1787, d. 13 Nov 1869)
Note: These Notes concerning Charles Alford were extracted from 'Alford Family Notes'.

Charles Alford was the third child of Thomas Alford 3 and Sarah Coles. "Born at Ashill 24 January 1787. He matriculated at Balliol College, Oxford, in 1805.....and took his BA in 1809. He was ordained to the curacy of Bleadon, Somerset, and in
1814 was presented to the rectory of St. Audries', West Quantockshead, which living he held for 55 years. In 1815 he married Elizabeth Symes"...and his wife bore 10 children - Charles Richard in 1816, Thomas [who is designated Thomas Alford
Senior in these writings] in 1817, Mary in 1820, Frances in 1822, Eliza in 1823, Henry in 1825, Sarah in 1826, Lucy in 1827, Susan in 1828 and Samuel in 1830. Years of deaths and spouses names are recorded in "Alford Family Notes". Information
concerning children resulting from the marriages of the four sons also appears in that book. Thomas Alford Senior is the only child researched for the purpose of these Family Tree and History writings.

On the death of his father in 1805 Charles "inherited property in Ashill but was obliged to sell it owing in great measure to his love for horses".

Another story in 'Alford Family Notes' is that in his younger days Charles sold a horse because of its unsatisfactory behaviour. A month or so later he was pleased to purchase a replacement horse at Bridgwater Fair at a higher price but on
driving it back to the rectory it was found to be the horse he had previously sold "clipped, docked and disguised for the Fair".

Charles died on 13 November 1869 and was buried "immediately outside the south wall of the chancel of St. Audries' church".

Elizabeth, born 1787, died on 18 October 1877 and was buried in Bristol.

Charles and Elizabeth's first son Charles Richard carried on the clerical career of the Alfords by becoming Bishop of Victoria, Hong Kong, in 1867. He married Sarah Jacosha Fleet in 1841 and their fourth child. Josiah George Alford, also took
Holy Orders. He moved through a number of clerical positions to Honorary Canon of Bristol Cathedral in 1897 and Rural Dean of Stapleton in 1905. Canon J. G. Alford was the author of the 'Alford Family Notes' in 1908.

Charles and Elizabeth's other three sons -

Henry "received a business training and after some years of office work with the Great Western Railway Company, he entered the Government Service in Somerset House, London".

However before that, when Henry was 13 and his brother Samuel was 8, Thomas, at age 20 years, sailed out of England for Australia.

Several years later Samuel also migrated to Australia where he married a Miss Cassen. Children born were -

Charles, Mary Ann, John, Samuel, Arthur and Henry William.
Given Name: Charles
Occupation: Clergyman
Change: Date: 9 Jan 2009

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Symes, Elizabeth (b. 12 Oct 1787, d. 18 Oct 1877)
Note: For Notes see Charles Alford.
Given Name: Elizabeth
Change: Date: 25 Apr 2011

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