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Coles, Sarah (b. 1760, d. 6 Feb 1822)

Note: For Notes see Thomas Alford 3.
Given Name: Sarah
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Coles, John (b. , d. 1785)
Given Name: John
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Alford 2, Thomas (b. 15 Jun 1703, d. 1777)
Note: These Notes concerning Thomas Alford 2 were extracted from 'Alford Family Notes'.

"Baptised 15 June 1703 at Curry Rivel. He matriculated at Oriel College, Oxford, in 1721 and proceeded to BA in 1724 and MA in 1728.....Vicar of Weston Zoyland in 1727.....he held it with the rectory of Ashill.....which he held from 1742 until
his death in 1777.....He inherited from his father some property at Weston Zoyland.....also Ashill was his property together with some land and the house in which he lived.....In conjunction with a Mr.Winn he founded a charity school for poor
children at Weston Zoyland in 1774, He was also a Magistrate for the county of Somerset".

Thomas Alford 2 married Mary Standfast in about 1735 and children born were Richard in 1736, Thomas in 1739 [died in infancy], Thomas in 1742 [ designated Thomas Alford 3 in these writings], Frances in 1745 and Samuel in 1747.

Mary died in 1763 at age 51 years and Thomas died in 1777 at age 74 years. Both were buried at Ashill.
Given Name: Thomas
Occupation: Clergyman.
Change: Date: 17 Apr 2005

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Standfast, Mary (b. 1712, d. 1763)
Note: See Notes for Thomas Alford 2.
Given Name: Mary
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Bird, George Wilfred (b. 24 Sep 1898, d. 19 Jun 1950)
Note: When George Wilfred Bird was 6 years old his parents' 7th child, Louis Arthur, was born at Sunny Corner/Wattle Flat and the family soon after appear to have moved to Whiporie, a small rural community between Grafton and Casino. Besides becoming
involved in some farming activities the parents opened a retail store, the first [and only one] in Whiporie.

George's schooling ended at Grafton High in 1916 and he commenced working for Accountants

at Grafton. On 11 August 1917, at age 18 years 10 months and working as an Auditors Clerk for Barton, Began Harrison at Grafton he enlisted in the AIF. His application is marked that he had been in "cadets 1912-1916, then Militia June 1916 to

Training for George Wilfred Bird, No. 7016, commenced at Enoggera Qld with 25th Battalion, colours Black over Blue [a black triangle over a blue triangle]. On 17 November 1917 he embarked on His Majestys Troopship "Canberra" and proceeded to
Suez, then England, then France where he saw action and sustained a gunshot wound in his neck on 3 October 1918. His Company was conducting a successful operation at that section of the Hindenberg Line known as the Beaurevoir Line. He was
transferred to hospital in England and later returned to Australia per "Mamari".

George's Overseas Service is recorded as having been at Middle East, England and France from 16 November 1917 to 4 February 1919. His full time Army Service was from 12 August 1917 to 26 May 1919.

George settled back at Whiporie and assisted his parents in their country store. After his father died in 1925 he took over the shop, extended its operations, expanded the premises and living area and traded successfully until after World War
2, selling out in 1946 and settling in Casino where he was employed at the Casino Abattoirs.

George Wilfred Bird died suddenly at Casino on 19 June 1950 aged 51 years 8 months.
Given Name: George Wilfred
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Small, Annie Jessie (b. 15 Feb 1903, d. 2 Jul 1970)
Note: Born at South Grafton, Annie Jessie Small was brought up at Camira Creek, a tiny community between Grafton and Casino NSW. After her marriage to George Wilfred Bird in 1923 she settled at Whiporie, another tiny community only 3 miles from
Camira Creek, where her husband assisted in his parents' shop.

When her father-in-law died in 1925 Annie Jessie's husband took over the Whiporie shop and the family, by this time including a son, settled into a residential extension to the retail building. 2 more children were born,all attended Whiporie's
one teacher school then high schools at Grafton and Casino.

In 1946 the Whiporie shop was sold and the family settled in Casino. The sudden death of George Wilfred Bird in 1950, at age 51 years, necessitated a return to work for Annie Jessie and she obtained employment at the Commercial Hotel and the
Charcoal Inn at Casino.

1959 saw Annie Jessie moving to Grafton to remain near her daughter Dorothy and her husband. When the latter couple and their 2 children moved to Sydney in 1961, Annie Jessie followed and settled in West Ryde where she remained until her death
on 2 July 1970. Her ashes lie at the Northern Suburbs Crematorium.
Given Name: Annie Jessie
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Boulton 2, George (b. 1792, d. 10 Jan 1862)
Note: Born in England in about 1792, George Boulton 2 married Elizabeth Staples at St. Bartholomew's church, Tardebigge Parish, Worcestershire, England, on 20 April 1817. Elizabeth Staples was baptised at Monks Kirby, Warwickshire, England, on 20
June 1793 and her parents were William Staples and Henrietta Daley.

George and Elizabeth's first child was born on 17 November 1817 and baptised at Reddich, Worcestershire, on 5 December 1817 and was named Elizabeth. Then followed George 1819, William Staples 1820, Martin 1822, Mary 1824, Henrietta 1825,
Clarissa Hopkins 1827, Sarah 1830, Thomas Richard 1831 and Sophia 1832.

In 1838 the Boulton family migrated to Australia as free settlers. They left England on 25 September 1838 on board 'Hashemy' under Captain William Buckle, landed at Sydney on 25 January 1839 and settled at Paterson in the Hunter River
District of NSW. Daughter Elizabeth was the first to move north to Queensland, in 1842; Mary joined her shortly after and other members of the family followed in the 1840s. Finally, on 5 July 1849 George and Elizabeth and their daughter Sophia
[then aged 17 years] departed Sydney for Moreton Bay on the schooner 'Helen', 69 tons, under Captain Wilson, there to start a new life on the Darling Downs.

George Boulton 2 was a Butcher/Farmer and was held in high esteem on the Downs as the following newspaper report indicates -

Darling Downs Gazette 9 January 1862

SERIOUS ILLNESS - We regret having to announce the dangerous illness of Mr. Boulton Senior of this town. This gentleman is one of the oldest residents up here, and has now attended a very advanced age. As one of the pioneers of civilisation in
these parts, Mr. Boulton has been more fortunate than many others. Unlike the early adventurers who came here and departed, Mr. Boulton was one of the earliest settlers in every sense of the word; he not only founded a home for himself, but he
founded a family and reared that family in a way that its various members and ramifications are interwoven in relationships with very many of the leading families of this town and district and several of the neighbouring ones. Sad though the
imminently critical position of this old gentleman may now be, there are few, very few, who, at his advanced age, have so many comforting assurances to guarantee a serene climax to their mortal career. With sons and daughters, grandsons and
granddaughters, some in distinguished positions, and all in prosperous ease, few, if any, could have more consolatary influences to smooth their final exit than the subject of this paragraph, and we trust that many days may yet dawn to bring
increase of honour to his grey hairs ere they may descend to the grave."

A further eulogy appeared in theDarling Downs Gazette of 23 January 1862 when reporting his death of 9 January 1862. Elizabeth Boulton died at Toowoomba on 6 July 1875. Both are buried in the Alford Family Plot at Toowoomba cemetery as are
several other Boultons.

The George Boulton 2 family are listed on the Welcome Wall at Darling Harbour, Sydney - Panel 30 - Column 1 - Line 143.
Given Name: George
Change: Date: 2 Jan 2004

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Staples, Elizabeth (b. 20 Jun 1793, d. 6 Jul 1875)
Given Name: Elizabeth
Change: Date: 25 Apr 2002

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Broadbent, John (b. , d. 1 Jun 1934)
Note: Sydney records of marriage show John William Broadbent.

Molly Green [nee Duck], wife of John Frederick Green, sent the following comments -

John Broadbent was accepted as an authority on all stock matters. He managed Jimbour Station in the Roma/Dalby district before he bought Widgee which was in the Burnett district. Mr. Ensor owned Jimbour and was known to have remarked that
Broadbent "wrote a fist that was equal to the finest copperplate".

Mr. Ensor once brought Sir Henry Norman [then Governor of Queensland] on an excursion of the Bunya Mountains. Bunya nuts were plentiful at that time and there were many aborigines in attendance, When one old warrior was introduced to the
Governor he said "Me Adam, first man alonga Bunya".

John Broadbent became owner of Mondure Station said to be in about 1882. His name was also linked to adjoining Barambah Station...
Given Name: John
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Entwistle, Sarah Anne (b. , d. ?)
Given Name: Sarah Anne
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Veitch, John (b. , d. ?)
Given Name: John
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Fredman, Robert Simeon (b. , d. ?)
Given Name: Robert Simeon
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Logan, Doris Jose (b. , d. ?)
Given Name: Doris Jose
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Le Grand, Sydney Robert (b. 1869, d. 13 Jul 1961)
Note: Information about the Le Grands has come from letters [one dated 1 April 1996 to Ena....Reilly?], written by Leona Kennedy who was described as a niece of Bertram and Abigail Le Grand and aged 89 years at time of writing in 1996.

"Sydney Robert and Mary Jane Le Grand lived the major part of their married life in Beaudesert Qld and reared their family there. Sydney was a cabinet maker and eventually set himself up as the local funeral director for the district, making
coffins in his own workshop. His son Allan Robert Le Grand carried on that business for many years."
Given Name: Sydney Robert
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Gray, Mary Jane (b. , d. 15 Oct 1935)
Note: According to the 1841 England Census Robert Le Grand, aged 7 years, was living on John Gray's farm in Essex. The whereabouts of the rest of the Le Grand family at that time is unknown. Why such a young boy was living on a farm away from his
parents is also unknown.

The Gray family in Essex consisted of -

John Gray, 55, Farmer, his wife Susannah, 44, daughters Emma 20, Jane 15, Matilda 14, Catherine 11 and Clara 7.

Leona Kennedy's writings about the Le Grands mentions that Sydney Robert Le Grand, who was 2 years old when he arrived in Australia in 1871, married a Mary Jane Gray in 1897. Record of her death in 1935 shows her parents as Walter Gray and
Eliza Garrett. Record of Walter Gray's death in 1930 shows his parents as Thomas Gray and Mary Adams. No further information about those parents has been found.

However Leona Kennedy has also written that Mary Jane Gray had a brother Arthur Philip Gray who married Emily Ada Alford. Searches have disclosed the following, all occuring in Queensland -

Arthur Philip Gray, born 27 March 1879, died 24 January 1936, parents Walter Gray and Eliza Garrett, married Emily Ada Alford on 22 February 1905, born 23 August 1883, parents George Alford and Maria Caroline Solway.

Arthur and Emily had the following children -

Thelma [Mabel] born 10 July 1905, married 28 March 1931 to Andrew Wilhelm Beitzel

Edna [May or Amy] born 12 August 1906, married 15 March 1930 to David Godfrey Llewellyn

Rita married Nelson Clarke

Phylis [Alford] born 16 November 1910, married 29 June 1935 to Jeffrey Taege

Myrtle [Cynthia] born 12 July 1913, married 4 June 1934 to Gordon James Morrison?

It seems strange that Farmer John Gray of Essex fathered 5 daughters and no sons and Farmer Arthur Gray of Ipswich Queensland district also fathered 5 daughters and no sons.

Whether the 2 Gray families are connected in any way has not been established.

Arthur Gray's wife Emily Ada Alford also raises a question. Was she, through her father George Alford, connected in any way to the Alford family which stands as one of the roots of the Green/Sellwood Family Tree??? An answer might be found by
further searching.
Given Name: Mary Jane
Change: Date: 10 Jan 2014
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McTaggart, Patrick B (b. 1790-1791, d. 15 Sep 1874)
Note: A cottonhand loom weaver.

In 1841 he was at Abbot Street, Maybole. Also listed on the 1841 Census for Maybole was Ann McTaggart born about 1827 and Francis McTaggart born about 1832.

In 1851 he was at Duncanland, Maybole.,
Given Name: Patrick B
Change: Date: 27 Jul 2017
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Sydenham, Betty (b. , d. ?)
Given Name: Betty
Change: Date: 4 Aug 1999

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Veitch, Andrew (b. 8 Jun 1833, d. 24 Jul 1897)
Note: Gympie Family History Society has a Pioneer Register of people who lived in Gympie pre 1900. Information about Andrew and Julia Veitch and their children was submitted to the Society and has been included in that Register.
Given Name: Andrew
Change: Date: 21 Jul 2017
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Boddington, Julia (b. 13 Sep 1850, d. 23 Oct 1913)
Note: Julia Boddington had an uncle George who celebrated his 95th birthday in South Brisbane Hospital. He said he smoked cigars, drank beer and followed the horses.

Born in London he came to Australia at the age of 4 years and began his career as a telegraph messenger at age 16 years. He was Postmaster at Dalby, Cooktown and Aramac and retired as Postmaster at The Valley Post Office.

For some time after retirement he farmed at Wellington Point. After selling his farm he lived at Shorncliffe Qld with his niece Julia Boddington.

After her husband's death in 1897, Julia Boddington married Malcolm Abercrombe.
Given Name: Julia
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Selke, Julius (b. , d. ?)
Note: There are some Notes held in Family History papers that mention the origin of Bodamba Station, which was west of Warwick. The Notes state that

"St George Gore and his brothers moved onto the Darling Downs close behind the Leslie brothers [the latter settled on the Downs in 1840].

"They passed North Toolburra and selected Yandilla[on the Condamine River]. St George Gore returned to Sydney and brought back his family, stock, a nurse girl and 2 ticket-of-leave men, by oxen drawn dray.

"William Gore was a Church of England minister who preached in the first church at Parramatta; St George Gore was a barrister; they were unhappy together; St George went exploring and took up Bodumba [west of Warwick] and relinquished a share
in Yandilla. He later bought Canning Creek [adjoining Bodamba to the west] where Andy Patterson was Manager.

"Robert Gore, a brother, became a partner of William's but he and his family drowned in a shipping disaster on the bar in the South Passage, Moreton Bay. William and his sons owned Yandilla for many years.

[from a map of the Darling Downs, published in 1864 and showing squattages and owners, Gore Brothers owned Yandilla, Tummaville and North Branch, which all adjoined; St George Gore owned Bodumba and Canal Creek, adjoining and at the southern
boundaries of the aforementioned runs.]

The Notes state that at Bodumba "Selke was overseer and Marley was bookkeeper" [an F. Marley was a witness to the marriage of Bertha Selke to John Alexander Green in 1905] "Selke had full charge of Bodumba" [this would have been Julius Selke,
father of Bertha Selke who had died prior to her wedding to John Green in 1905].

"Bodumba was sold to Mr Ezzy in 1876, then to Devine, then to Burke".

Record has been found that on 8 September 1871 Julius Selke obtained a Miner's Right No. 39996 for Talga, Canal Creek, Lucky Valley.[Canal Creek Station, on which the township of Leyburn grew, was on the north east boundary of Bodumba.

Julius Selke married Jane/June Eliza Perry in 1859. Jane Perry's parents were Captain Samuel Augustus Perry, who in 1846 was Deputy Surveyor-General [see Pioneering Into The Future] and Caroline Johnson.

Selke children were

Edward Augustus 28 June 1863, Fanny Mary 8 May 1865, Arthur Julius 29 May 1867 [died 1939], Charles Maurice 2 July 1868 [died 1907], Bertha 23 September 1870, William Alexander 20 September 1872, Frederick Henry 3 January 1874 and Walter 30
June 1876.
Given Name: Julius
Change: Date: 24 Dec 2003

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